The 18th Century Search for the Blue Nile

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Map of the Kingdom of Prester John

Cook Abyssinia.JPG
An image of a map of Abyssinia from James Cook's travel atlas

Cook Africa and Europe.JPG
Image of a map of Europe and Africa from James Cook's travel atlas

Nile Map 1868.JPG
Map of East Africa and the Nile River from Sir Samuel W. Baker's "The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia"

Cook Africa.JPG
A map of Africa from James Cook's travel atlas

An image of a painting of Cairo, Egypt during the 19th century

African Clay House.jpg
An example of a clay house with a thatched, cone-shaped roof, similar to that described by James Bruce. Photographed in Benin in West Africa

Photograph of historical ruins in the city of Palmyra

Photograph of the historic port of Massawa

Gondar City.jpg
A picture of a historic section of Gondar, Ethiopia.
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